The Baldwins | Sydney Documentary Family Photography Session

Meet the Baldwin Family

Earlier this year I got to spend 8 hours with the Baldwin family and it was a whole lot of fun!  I arrived at their home in Newtown, Sydney as they were eating lunch and stayed past dinner.

Our time together was spent doing their usual things like a midday bath to wash off all the sand and dirt from a morning park trip (and wash off some lunch too), Luella playing board games with Dad while her brother Nikolas had a nap, hitting the main Newtown streets for gelato and to run some errands with Mum, a family park visit and then dinner.

You can view a video slideshow of their session here or keep scrolling for some highlights of our day together.

Ordinary days are spectacular, aren’t they!  So much happens in a day and you don’t quiet realise until it is played back like this.

What are some daily happenings that you would like recorded?  Call me and we can have a chat!

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