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I love my job.
There are amazing people who allow me in to their home at what is quite a vulnerable time, first-time parenthood.  As cliched as it sounds, they open their hearts to me when they open that door.  By the end of a documentary newborn session, I have likely witnessed some skin to skin contact with their baby, breastfeeding and all the exposure that goes with learning the art and skill of providing this natural nourishment, heard voices crack or grabbed a tissue for tears as birth stories or this all consuming love are relayed to me or supported them through some of the tougher aspects of life with a newborn.  It is such a special time, those early weeks with your baby and I am truly so grateful to anyone who invites me in to this sacred space.  To document these days that are hard to recall as your baby grows.

Newborns are seriously awesome little creatures.  Jupiter was the most adorably squeaky munchkin I have had the pleasure of photographing.

In planning their session, Jupiter’s parents wanted me to document the following, some of which appear below:
* Changing her nappy/clothes because she doesn’t like it so is usually unhappy.
* Some time with their pet dogs
* Mum and Jupiter spending quiet time on the bed which is a daily ritual
* Breastfeeding
* Bath

The beauty of a documentary session is we got to throw in some babywearing photos as well because, while not planned for the session, Jupiter was wrapped on her Mummy .

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