The chaos of raising children and everything that involves goes by so quickly (perhaps in hindsight because some days, it can seem to be eternal).  It is because of this that I photograph families using a documentary approach.  A Family documentary session is so stress free – no need to organise a complementary wardrobe (with changes), arrive on time at a potentially new or different place and then beg. bribe and plead for best behaviour from your kids.  There will be no direction from me, I will not be posing you because I want to capture the connections and natural behaviour of your family.  The laughter, sibling rivalry, cuddles, play and games, strong-willed toddler, tears and tantrums are all so important.


“If you’ve ever had moments like  ‘everyone says I’ll look back at this in 30 yrs and laugh and cry and miss this!??’ … While chasing naked kids, wearing more cereal than you can eat, showering in front of an audience and fighting with mini versions of your stubborn self… then seriously consider touching base with Penelope.  I didn’t have to wait 30yrs…. I got the photos. I laughed. I cried. And I get it. One day I’ll miss this crazy.” – Lisa


Daily and ordinary life is noteworthy.  In fact, it is all the smaller elements of our daily life that come together to shape who we are as individuals and as a family.  I want to deliver a session that is steeped in your unique family story and present images that show you just how beautiful and special your ordinary, daily occurrences are.

As parents, we can get caught up in the routines of the day and week.  It isn’t always possible to slow down to savour the moments so before we know it they are growing up, can’t curl up in our lap anymore or no longer want to hold our hand at the shops.  Many people wait for ‘the right time’ to hire a photographer. When they have a bigger house, have lost a few kgs, when something important is happening. They wait so long for this ‘right time’ that they miss The Perfect Time. The Perfect Time is RIGHT NOW. The Perfect Time is whatever it is you are doing at this moment- however mundane that feels.


We work together to determine what it is you would like photographed in the lead up to your session but once I am with you, I will not direct you.  I will be creating narrative images while you and your family continue on with your activity or day.  Some things I have documented in the past include;
* maternity session
* newborn session
* family trip to the river for a swim and play
* weekday getting ready for preschool and school
* grandparents visiting
* family dinner and bedtime routine
* standard Sunday morning together including breakfast

With family documentary session ranging from 2 hours to 12 hours, there is bound to be an experience to suit your family.  All inclusive sessions start at $400.

Get in touch with me today and we can look in to what your session will involve.





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