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All family sessions are conducted in PK Photography’s signature documentary style.  This style is the driving passion behind my photography work and the resulting images are ones that will only increase in emotional value over time.

Many people wait for ‘the right time’ to hire a photographer. When they have a bigger house, have lost a few kgs, when something important is happening. They wait so long for this ‘right time’ that they miss The Perfect Time. The Perfect Time is RIGHT NOW. The Perfect Time is whatever it is you are doing at this moment- however mundane that feels.

Why documentary?
I was photographing my own family and sharing those images between client sessions.  I discovered that people, often complete strangers, were connecting with the images and the stories they contained.  They were telling universal tales yet were still so specific and special to my family.  I wanted to provide this kind of image for others so began to introduce the style in to my client work that was more ‘portraits in the park’ at the time.  When the images were delivered to clients, they often felt more of an attachment to the documentary style images.  So I decided one day that all my work would now be this way. Documentary style photography is photo-journalistic in nature. There will be no direction, posing or “Say cheese!” during your session. Penelope will be there to capture events as they unfold.

PK Photography provides a service that only grows more valuable with the passage of time; a window in to how amazing your ordinary days are from an outsider’s perspective. Often as parents, we are so caught up in getting to the next activity or meal that we miss so many magic moments. As an observer, PK Photography will present to you a beautiful album that documents your family during our time together. Just as you are.

You may wish to more naturally photograph a key time like maternity or bringing a new baby home.  Perhaps you are really sensing that childhood is fleeting and want to make sure you have some images of your family, just as they are, before everyone grows up.

We work together to determine what it is you would like photographed in the lead up to your session but once I am with you, I will not direct you.  I will be creating narrative images while you and your family continue on with your activity or day.  Some things I have documented in the past include;
* family trip to the river for a swim and play
* weekday getting ready for preschool and school
* grandparents visiting
* family dinner and bedtime routine
* standard Sunday morning together including breakfast

“I was swept away with your professionalism and how easy it was to just be normal and forget you were there!” -Lisa

Get in touch with me today and we can look in to what your session will involve.





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