I am not perfect and that is okay!  Confessions;

  • Sometimes there are too many days between hair washes
  • Some weeks we have a few too many ‘lazy dinners’
  • I am only hydrated when I can drink several cups of green tea from my 500ml cup
  • If a load of washing went through the dryer, I retrieve it from the basket each day because I couldn’t be bothered sorting and folding it
  • Evie’s hair only gets done daily because of school

Documentary family photography isn’t for everyone but it is definitely for me.  Our girls, though wonderful little humans, do not want to be told they can’t wear those two busy patterns together because they won’t look good in photos.  My husband spent a lot of our wedding photos nuzzling in to my neck, not as a romantic gesture but because it meant he could hide a little from the camera.  I don’t want to see the photos on our walls and remember the stress that went in to that facade of a tidy/well behaved/non-meltdown family.  I want to be reminded of the ‘incidental’ things that appear in the background of images for example (in the image below), the recipe journal in the recipe holder has family favourites as well as a copy of my Grandma’s handwritten apple pie recipe, the kid’s paintings on the wall and the Velcro calendar that rarely gets changed but is a point of discussion while we update it.  These snippets of our life aren’t found in a park chosen especially for its nice backdrop.



This is me and my family and I love us.  We are perfect just the way we are.
All images below are from our session with Sharon Baldwin-Troy Photography.  More of that session, and a little reflection on the experience, can be found here.



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