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About me

Hello!  Penelope here, owner and photographer at PK Photography.

PK Photography specialises in a documentary style of photography that is used across family sessions, weddings, dance concerts and preschool photos.  I am also available for more traditional preschool portraits and also creative dance portraits.

I am located in the Blue Mountains but willing to travel.

My favourite photography memory: learning the art and skill with my Dad on his SLR when I was younger.  What then followed was (im)patiently waiting for my Mum, a nurse, to be working an evening shift.  An evening shift meant Dad and I could turn the laundry in to a dark room to create black and white images from developed film.
I didn’t get my own DSLR until 2010 but had a string of point-and-shoot cameras throughout school and university.

The reason that PK Photography has morphed the way it has, from standard family portraits in to the documentary style images, is because I noticed a difference between the images I was pursuing for clients and the ones I was taking in my own home.  I started to add a few more lifestyle elements in to the mix for clients and they usually wound up liking those images the most.  I see limitless value in documentary sessions and am so proud to be able to offer the photo journalistic experience to families.

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