10 on 10 | July

The 10 on 10 is a blog circle project. The goal is to write a blog post to be published on the tenth day of the month and for the post to feature ten photographs taken on the same day or ten favourites from the previous month.  The circle part comes in to it because each photographer links to another at the end of their post and you click through to the next in the circle all the way around until you come back to where you started 🙂

I haven’t picked up the camera too much this past month – we moved to a new place so there was all that packing and unpacking happening plus the end of term which always has me frazzled.  An exciting thing about the new place is that a creek runs through the backyard!  While it has rained for a large chunk of the time we have been living here, we got out to the creek on a sunny day and the water was flowing nicely.




I plan to set aside a day this week for a Day in the Life (though it was sooooo much easier when we had another photographer conduct it for us!) during the two week school holidays that just started so hopefully I will have that to deliver next month for the August 10 on 10!

Head over to the super talented Erika Kao‘s  10 on 10 post – I guarantee you will love her images.  Thanks for stopping in on July’s post!

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  1. Erika Kao
    July 10, 2018

    What a wonderful outing, Penelope! I love the contrast in your photos with the sunlight and the shade. So glad you brought your camera along!

  2. Shea
    July 11, 2018

    You’re doing a great job capturing summer! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Anna
    July 11, 2018

    Great series of images. Looks like they had fun exploring the creek.

  4. Jessica
    July 11, 2018

    So fun!

  5. Caroline M. Collins
    July 20, 2018

    I love how they are together throughout the series. Having a creek in your own backyard will be so much fun! I look forward to future photos.

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